New Webisode 05/01/16

    After several months working hard to finish several web pieces as well as the search for funding to finish the documentary’s production, we bring you the sixth webisode accompanying our feature length documentary.  This one entitled “One Of The Pack” is a riveting story, told to us by professional storyteller and educator, Susan Strauss.  You won’t believe the ending of this true life story of a wolf pack and a conservationist.   Additionally to the update, we want everyone to know that we desperately need funds to obtain the production insurance we need to travel and record at a number of locations where wolves are in danger and trying to make their way back from the brink of extinction.  Please visit our donate page to the left to help us out!

FOTP First Film Posters Are Up!

Hey everyone,

So we are proud to announce that we have our first two film posters up and ready to be seen.  Help us spread the word about wolves by spreading the posters online.  You can #FreedomOfThePack, #StandForWolves, #IAmWolf, or anything else you feel will get our message across.  We are still seeking funding to finish our production (at least 3 weeks of shooting or more), but we will have our first film teaser trailer out by the end of the year and we will also start a crowd sourcing campaign come 2016, so please stay tuned for more updates and do anything you can to help spread the word about wolves.



Freedom of the Pack: Documentary Poster

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