©2014 Thomas Durant


Imagine a world where rivers run dry. Picture barren fields where forests once flourished. Sound like fantasy? This is the REALITY of what was occurring in Yellowstone National Park. What changed? Bringing back an animal that has been hunted to near extinction in the United States, an animal that we have been brought up to fear, and an animal that can teach us the meaning of family. That animal is the Wolf.

Known by many Native American cultures as the “Teacher”, Wolves are an essential part of the ecosystem, but dubious acts of congress and state legislators have made it legal to hunt these animals in our country, where their numbers are fewer than 5000 (lower 48 states).   With our fragile ecosystem already in danger from global warming and fading water supplies, our best hope is to try and balance out the equation.

“Freedom of the Pack” follows the current trials and tribulations occurring over wolf protection in the lower 48 states within the US.  Politicians, Ranchers and Conservationists are waging war over whether or not this species has the right to survive and be free.  Follow some of the efforts of non-profits, organizations and politicians striving to be sure that future generations will enjoy this iconic animal, Canis Lupus.

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