Update: 08/04/15 – Featured on Avid Blogs

As part of Avid’s #TimelineTuesday trend setting, the post production giant asked Freedom of the Pack’s director, Thomas Durant, to write a column about the film.  As of August 4th, 2015, the article has gone live.

For those not familiar with the television and film industry, Avid is the driving force behind some of the most reliable and highest end equipment and software.  Shows such as Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers, among many other highly rated shows, are edited using Avid’s software.  Most films you watch, in fact, were probably cut with Avid’s product.  Not to mention that they also have nearly cornered the market with their sound editing software, ProTools, an industry standard in both film and music.

What does this mean for us?  Having Avid take notice of our humble project has given us an opportunity to share our message with a new audience, beyond wildlife conservationists.  This is the first step, of many, to getting the word about the War on  Wolves out to the public.

Please share and comment on our post on Avid’s blog.  Tell them that you stand for wolves, so that we may stand united for the good of our planet.

“Giving Wolves a Voice Through the Documentary, ‘Freedom of the Pack'”

This is a feature length documentary film about the current trials and tribulations occurring over wolf protection in the lower 48 states within the US. Politicians, Ranchers and Conservationists are waging war over whether or not this species has the right to survive and be free. Follow some of the efforts of non-profits, organizations and politicians striving to be sure that future generations will enjoy this iconic animal, Canis Lupus.

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