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Our Team

Thomas Durant

Director / Executive Producer


A native of rural New Hampshire and graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (BFA, Film/Animation Video – 2005), Thomas moved to Los Angeles and immediately began working in the film and television industry. His visual arts background proved valuable in both production and post production, winning him the respect of his peers and even some accolades as an editor (Emmy Honors, Tele Awards, etc.).   His works have aired on networks such as NBC Sports, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, National Geographic Channel and the Science Channel. The most notable shows in Thomas’ resume (with viewership in the millions) are “The Deadliest Catch”, “Ice Road Truckers”, “Axmen”, and “Ultimate Survival Alaska”.

Beyond Thomas’ television resume (well over a hundred hours of programming), his passion is with sharing thought provoking and spiritually positive messages through the medium of film and video. He is currently in post production on his first feature length documentary exploring sound and sonic frequencies as a tool for healing the mind, body and soul.

When the opportunity to work with Shadow Land Foundation and Freedom Ranch presented itself, Thomas jumped at the venture. With an entire species at risk, how could he not? Paired with friend and talented colleague Gwenn, and backed by his wife, Jennifer Durant, Thomas hopes that “Freedom of the Pack” will inspire an entire generation of children to become actively involved in saving many of the plants and animals facing extinction at this time.

Gwenn Morreale


Co-Producer: Gwenn Morreale and Tehya from Shadowland Foundation

Co-Producer, Gwenn Morreale, has had an extensive career in film, television and theater on a variety of projects including MONSTER HOUSE for DISCOVERY CHANNEL and AMERICAN MASTERS for TCM.  She has produced the short documentary WHISTLING DIXIE,  and is currently putting the finishing touches on 100 YEARS OF THE SIERRA CLUB’S ANGELES CHAPTER.

A nature girl and activist, she holds an MA in Media Ecology from NYU and has written prolifically on climate change and other environmental issues.  For the past 4 years, Gwenn has dedicated her time working with non-profits to raise awareness about the issues, particularly the significance of wolves – dispelling ignorance about these gentle creatures,  educating about their TRUE NATURE and the need for peaceful co-existence.  “Freedom of the Pack” is a documentary very near and dear to her heart on many levels.  She hopes others will come to not only love wolves as she has, but also to love the beauty of our natural world – so that we may save it from ourselves.


David Harvey

Associate Producer


Associate Producer David Harvey has been featured on the national PBS series The Woodwright’s Shop and interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered. He has been talent and an associate producer for the Original Production Pilot Living With The Dead and a consultant to the National Geographic Channel Series America’s Lost Treasures. David co-produced and co-directed a documentary on “To Despoil Within and Without”: The 1676 Garden Archaeology of Bacon’s Castle.

David also has 34 years experience in museums and conservation. He has published a book on Early American Social History and Material Culture, and written journal articles and columns. His projects have ranged from antiquities to modern art, historic cemeteries to iconic monuments, shipwreck collections to skeletons, historic architecture to an Apollo Space Capsule, the restoration and installation of an historic building in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and consulting on the first artifacts raised from the RMS Titanic. David sits on the national panel for museum collections grants for the Institute for Museum and Library Sciences.


James Mastroianni

Associate Producer

James Image

James E. Mastroianni is a Creative Executive and Producer best known for his work on Battle B-Daman, Idaten Jump and the worldwide mega franchises, Digimon and Power Rangers. Whether providing oversight for shows on the former Fox Kids Network or producing shows airing on Disney and Cartoon Network, Mastroianni has handled crucial tasks in both the genesis and execution of many animated and live-action productions.

Born and raised in London, England, James developed a love for motion pictures of both the large and small screen. Fueled by his desire to work in entertainment he eventually made his way to Hollywood in 1995.

While gaining high-level professional experience and developing a resolve to deliver quality work, he’s managed to maintain an open-mind on the ever changing methods on how to do it. Through organization, troubleshooting and a constant eye on innovation, James has played a major role behind the scenes on many globally successful properties.

James is based in Burbank, California.


Matt Dydo

Unit Publicist / Marketing Liaison



A New England native, Matt Dydo has worked extensively with numerous companies and non-profit organizations providing sales and marketing expertise. His talent has also spanned into the New England music industry (Radio and Live Performances), where he’s aided bands, agents and venues gain notoriety and expand their brands.

Matt’s recently joined his longtime friend, Thomas Durant (Director), to spread the word about Freedom of the Pack. Through product integration, sponsorship opportunities, web acknowledgement and the use of donated equipment, Matt’s goal is to help make Freedom of the Pack a brand that companies and individuals alike can get behind and support, no matter how big or small.

If you are looking for sponsorship and marketing opportunities, contact Matt directly at matt.dydo@gmail.com

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