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Freedom of the Pack needs YOUR HELP!  We have reached the point in production where we desperately need funding to obtain the interviews and footage required to complete our film.  We hate asking for money, but honestly, we’ve maxed out all our credit cards.  Any little bit can help, but for the more practical people out there, we have an Amazon Wishlist below with various production and post production items we need to complete the film.  If you purchase an item for us, we will happily shout it out on all our social media outlets.

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By donating money via Paypal, you allow us to travel to each location where the wolves’ stories are being told.  We need funding to get us to Oregon, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, Yellowstone National Park, Idaho and throughout California.  Your funding also gives us the opportunity to rent equipment and pay for additional expenses such as permits and post production costs. Depending upon your donation, you may get mentioned on our website as a supporter of the film or even get your name in the credits of the final piece itself.


To help us purchase items we need for filming, such as lenses for the camera, hard drives, filters, audio gear, lighting gear and various other supplies, please visit our Amazon Wish List.  Your purchases go directly to the documentary and we will be sure to place your name on our website for your contribution in making this dream a reality.

Thank you all in advance for your support.

Freedom of the Pack is a feature length documentary about a keystone species within the United States that is being systematically eradicated: the wolf.

Whether it is tales of the savage Werewolf, or Native American stories of the great teacher, wolves have forever captured the imagination and the fear of humans. This dichotomy continues to this very day. There is a war being waged on the species, Canis Lupus, and with all of the myths and misconceptions about this species, it has taken hold of our nation’s capitol.

When the Endangered Species Act was created, one of the very first candidates for protection was, in fact, the Gray Wolf. However, in 2011, through an act of Congress spearheaded by Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar, protection of wolves in the Pacific Northwest was relinquished to the individual states. Some decided to continue wolf protections, while others fired back with allowing sport hunters and ranchers to kill wolves, utilizing inhumane practices such as trapping, baiting and aerial hunting.. But why? What are the facts? Which side should we be on?

Climate change and human interference has created a destructive cascade in our ecosystem across the globe, and this had been witnessed on a small scale in Yellowstone National Park. In 1995, the US government decided to reintroduce wolves back into Yellowstone as part of a 15 year “experiment” to see if re-establishing a keystone species would restore the health of the park. The experiment proved to be successful as the trees, beaver, fish, songbirds and even rivers returned, changing the physical, biological and ecological landscape, and the ecosystems of park thrived.

Only in the last century, wolves have nearly been eradicated from the lower 48 states. In fact, the Mexican Gray Wolves of the southwest and the Red Wolves of the southeast are both critically endangered, meaning they are on the brink of extinction, with populations teetering close to only 100 animals in the wild. Some of these animals have already been killed by humans because they either disrupted a small percentage of livestock, or were mistakenly identified as coyotes, as was the case in 2014 near the Grand Canyon

Some non-profits, environmentalists and conservationists have taken action by protesting these killings, and getting involved politically to aid in wolf protection, coexistence and recovery programs. Others have taken a more grass roots approach by educating the public, especially children, about the true nature of Canis Lupus, their role in the environment, and their significance as a keystone species.

Freedom of the Pack seeks to interview conservationists, wildlife officials, politicians and ranchers on both sides of the issue, establish the importance of preserving wolves in the lower 48 states.

The documentary will also highlight several non-profits and conservation groups across the country, aiming to teach about the true nature of Canis Lupus, and follow the field work being done to by some organizations to create a peaceful coexistence between our species and theirs.

It is our intention that people come away with a true understanding of their nature and importance to the health of our environment, and planet, and thereby dispel the myths and misconceptions that feed this war on wolves. We also aim to create a general understanding of the ongoing efforts to save this important species and teach about living with them in peaceful co-existence.

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  1. The Wolfdogs I rescued and the Wolf Rescues I support have taught me so much about this amazing creature; wolves and dogs have a connection to Man and Earth unlike any other.
    I wish you all success!

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