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Thanks to California Wolf Center, 06/06/15

Hi there everyone!

So time to give a little update on the progress of the film.  Tom, the film’s director, had another great day of filming with the wolves (and people) at the California Wolf Center, just 45 minutes outside of San Diego, CA.  The organization’s director, Erin Hunt, took us back into the enclosure with their Alaskan Gray Wolf Ambassadors.  Remember folks, these wolves are still technically wild, though they have been socialized enough to be fairly tolerant of humans…but NO TOUCHING!

The shoot went extremely well, as the wolves were fairly curious about us, and our equipment.  They seemed particularly interested in our sports cam, a cheap GoPro knockoff which is less expensive to replace.  To give some details, we were filming for about an hour in the Alaskan Gray Wolf enclosure.  Using the Nikon D5100 with a 70-300mm lens, I was able to capture many great images of the animals.  (Some pictures will be posted, others are reserved for people donating to the project).  Using the Sony A7s, I was able to capture footage at 120 frames per second.  For those of you in the non-camera world, that means it is in slow motion.  This will not only give our documentary a more cinematic feel, but also will allow you to study the wolves’ movements with astonishing detail.  We will be sharing footage in the California Wolf Center’s webisodes (coming soon).

Next up for us, we will be joining the folks at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center, in Frazier Park, CA.  There, we will find out a little more about other canids, as well as learn how their organization has helped a number of wolf-dogs to have a better, forever home.

Stay tuned for more.  If you, or anyone you know, is able to help us continue our journey in making “Freedom of the Pack”, we are desperately seeking donations and could use any help we can get.  By donating money, you will not only get our undying love, you may also get some perks.  Please check out our DONATION page for more info on how you can become a part of “Freedom of the Pack”.


Thomas Durant


Freedom of the Pack

This is a feature length documentary film about the current trials and tribulations occurring over wolf protection in the lower 48 states within the US. Politicians, Ranchers and Conservationists are waging war over whether or not this species has the right to survive and be free. Follow some of the efforts of non-profits, organizations and politicians striving to be sure that future generations will enjoy this iconic animal, Canis Lupus.

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