Want to donate to the project and help us tell the wolves’ story?  Here is how you can help ensure that Freedom of the Pack is made!


By donating money via Paypal, you allow us to travel to each location where the wolves’ stories are being told.  We need funding to get us to Oregon, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, Yellowstone National Park, Idaho and throughout California.  Your funding also gives us the opportunity to rent equipment and pay for additional expenses such as permits and post production costs. Depending upon your donation, you may get mentioned on our website as a supporter of the film or even get your name in the credits of the final piece itself.


To help us purchase items we need for filming, such as lenses for the camera, hard drives, filters, audio gear, lighting gear and various other supplies, please visit our Amazon Wish List.  Your purchases go directly to the documentary and we will be sure to place your name on our website for your contribution in making this dream a reality.

Thank you all in advance for your support.

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